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2016 Rising Coaches Conference Notes - Jim Crews

By RCE, 08/05/16, 7:45AM EDT


Jim Crews – National Coach of the Year

  • Sometimes this business is about the wrong things
  • Competition should bring out the best in us and help reveal who we are
  • Answer questions about WHY we do what we do
    • This business is filled with landmines
  • The devil can make you busy but not bad
    • Get rid of the clutter in your life
  • Physically, mentally, and emotionally you must be at your absolute best every 3 days (games)
  • The supply and demand is out of whack… be grateful for every opportunity
  • No one is immune to criticism
    • Do the best you can… people will complain regardless
      • Some think you can walk on water & others will think you can’t swim

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