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2016 Rising Coaches Conference Notes - Gregg Doyel

By RCE, 08/15/16, 7:45AM EDT


Gregg DoyelIndy Star SportsSports Columnist  

  • Sportswriters need you just as much as you need them
  • Tolerate and trust them
    • They have a job to do too
  • Say something “off the record” to build trust
    • Give something… ANYTHING. But it builds equity and it allows them to earn your trust
    • Treat them like people… not writers
  • “You Good?” is a half-hearted question… it’s a formal kindness that’s fake
    • At least formulate a sentence and act like you care
  • If you leak stories to nation writers over local writers, do it at your own risk
    • Your local guys are more important
    • They have earned the right to get scoop
      • Some day you will need them in your corner
  • Because writers are human, they are biased (it’s reality)

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